Thank you for making the time to visit my web site. My expertise is in enhancing management capacity in  adult social care organisations in both the public and not-for-profit sectors. I have proven experience in working with managers and teams in service commissioning and provision. Specifically, I have recent senior management experience in learning disabilities, mental health, long term conditions and supported housing –  working in a number of senior management positions in a range of organisations. I also have extensive experience at Board level having been the Chair of a major care and support provider for some years.

My practice offers a range of services tailor-made to build your management capacity and so deliver your goals and aspirations:

Executive Coaching:

Being a senior manager in any organisation is a tough and, sometimes, lonely job. It can be difficult to see the wood for the trees.  Coaching  is a system of working one to one in which I will help you to develop your skills through exploration, discussion and hands on experience.  Coaching will enable you to discover strategies and tools which will optimise your chances of success even in challenging and uncertain times.

Team Development:

I work with teams in a range of organisations. An example of where I help organisations is to work with staff, managers and at board level to develop strategy and action plans. I also work with teams in order to help  build better team relationships, resolve differences, improve communication, confidence and performance.


I am a trained and experienced mediator with a particular expertise in workplace and employment  mediation. Conflict can have a big impact on work, reducing productivity and morale, occupying a great deal of attention and wasted time and resources. I will help you resolve conflict situations before they start to adversely affect  performance and your ‘bottom line’.

Interim and Project Management:

I have a wide experience of leading change in social care organisations. I have worked in commissioning and service provision and am able to embed change within an organisation. If you would like to see my CV then please do contact me.

Please take a look at the areas of my practice that are most important to you and feel free to contact me for a no obligation discussion about how I can help you and your organisation.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Martyn Yeats
01273 706989