There is little doubt that without Martyn’s help we would not have achieved the outcomes we did over the 6 months he was involved with the group. He helped us define the task, he worked with us to meet deadlines and he made us face our fears about the service and offered clear guidance and support when needed. He was sympathetic to the needs of the group, an excellent task master and very subtle in how he managed us towards the completion of the task. Martyn’s work has given us a clear idea of what we want, the short and mid term goals have been met and we are engaging with other organisations to reduce the risks inherent in providing social care services through volunteering.
Assistant UK Director CSV

Martyn showed good skills in planning and project management. His strong commitment to and involvement of service users relatives and staff made a significant contribution to the success of the project. He kept a strong focus on tasks and timescales and the project was completed successfully and on time.
Gloucestershire County Council

Martyn led 2 Workshops on Patient and Public Involvement in a large, integrated Mental Health Trust. His innovation, creativity, and stamina helped break the mould in memorable events which brought staff and service users together to create a Vision and a Strategy, and which people were commending for many months afterwards.

Martyn developed Team building sessions for health and social care staff in multi-disciplinary teams for older peoples mental health services. He worked sensitively with staff, of different professional disciplines, in laying the ground-rules, and then took this forward in challenging and engaging group situations; this allowed staff to face, and change, dysfunctional work patterns and to grow and work with one another in more productive styles and relationships.
Executive Director, West Sussex Health and Social Care Trust

Martyn worked with my senior management team in ensuring we had a cohesive vision for our school, that we were forward thinking and above all understood the strengths that each member of the team had to offer! His work has transformed our team. He gave us the tools to ‘Think outside of the box.’ We are no longer faced with formidable challenges but wonderful opportunities to move our school forward!
Headteacher at a Southampton Junior School

Martyn’s creativity workshop was very effective. Everyone in the group commented on the innovative nature of the work they had covered and the transforming skills they gained.
West Sussex County Council